Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Leslie Phillips Strength of My Life Lyrics

I open my eyes to the sound of morning news
And wish for ten more minutes left to sleep
And as I get into the shower the thoughts of
Facing one more day
Overwhelm me and I begin to weep
And I've never felt like
I've needed your help,
So bad

Verse 2:
Well, my tears are pushed away now for the
Sake of morning rush'til the
Bible on the table catches my eye
And I read that you are near to the hearts that
Break with grief
And I realize that I don't have to try
To live life myself because you're ready to help me live

Bridge :
And everyday I look to you
To be the strength of my life
You're the hope I hold onto
Be the strength of my life

Be the strength of my life
Strength of my life
Be the strength of my life today
Be the strength of my lifeS
trength of my life
Be the strength of my life today

Verse 3:
Each day has it's problems, it troubles and it's tears
And it seems I'm always anything but strong
When I learn to know my weakness,
I understand your strength
And even when the hard times last so long
I won't try by myself,
I'll just ask for your help
Each day


  1. I'd love to hear that with music.

  2. I heard it a lot at Liberty U back in the 80's. I woke up with it in my head the day I posted it.


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