Monday, March 12, 2007

here's Lucy...

You know, Lucy from Peanuts? My mom and sister used to say I was just like her. In truth, I was. And I was a little proud of it - go figure... Proud of being bossy and crabby?

The wonderful work of God's spirit in me has really stifled that old Lucy. But lately, she's back...

Not with a vengeance or anything. I'm not feeling real bossy. But I am crabby lately. And know what? I'm not proud of it. In fact I hate it. What IS going on? I love to blame the ever blamable hormones - so I just might.

This morning was rough - mornings always are. My girl hates them as much as I do and we always have conflict in the AM. So as I was asking God to Please, Please Help Me Not Let This Ruin My Whole Day - I had a thought. Go for a walk. So after I finally got them to school I headed to the park where I walked around and around looking at ducks and Pike's Peak. And hey! It really did help! I love it when God gives me those kind of answers! Practical, immediate result type of answers!

So, maybe ol' Lucy is going down again.

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