Saturday, March 3, 2007


We are in decision making mode around here and it isn't pretty. My dear hubby is trying to decide whether to buy a car or not and it is driving him crazy. He needs a car. I gave my input. Get a car. He just left saying he is going to get one, but we'll see.

He is also being begged and pleaded with to take a job with his former employer. They are making it look pretty good and it is more reliable than his consulting business he's been doing. But, there are so many questions.

We are deciding whether or not to move out of town. Although I think this decision is pretty much made. I think we are planning the move, but still, if he takes that job where we are now....

God is so good at working everything out well in advance, like before we were born. But we have such a hard time figuring out what He's saying. Such a hard time waiting for Him to do His thing, because He seldom does it when we want Him to.

I have a little bit easier time trusting God with this kind of stuff. How do I help my husband learn how to do that? I guess there is nothing I can do. That is another one of God's things that He will do in His own good time.

Pray for us...

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  1. so whats the decision, are you moving & if you are where?


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