Tuesday, May 20, 2008

you can call me ray...

you can call me Jay...
Remember that guy?

I've been called a lot of things.  A couple of different people called me Mary.  One guy called me Kim.  You can't shorten Kay, so one of my pastors and my grandma called me Katherine.  My grandma also called me Katy, as did my cousin and my dad.  I've been called Kelloggs, (because I'm flaky), Special K, (because I'm special), K-bee, K-bird, Kay Kay, and Cake.  My friend's mother is Spanish and apparently can't say Kay, she called me Cake.

Lately I've noticed that  a lot of people call me Kay Day.  That's cool.  It's kinds like the opposite of Cher.

But the other day I heard a new one.  We were at The Cheesecake Factory for my belated mother's day lunch and the guy called a name that sounded like mine.  So we went to him and I said, "Did you say Kay?"  He said something, (it was noisy in there) and I said, "Kay?" Then he showed me his piece of paper.  It said HAY.  Ok, I said.  Close enough.  But then we laughed.  He said he felt very unprofessional because it sounded like he was saying, "Hey!  Party of four."

So you can call me Kay, you can call me Kay Day,  you can even call me Hay.  But you doesn't have to call me Mary.


  1. You know that I wanted to name you Elizabeth Kay but figured that had the potential of 50 nicknames, Betty, Beth, Betsy, Lizzie, Liz, etc., so I named you Kay. I thought it would be hard to make a nickname out of that. My oldest sister called and asked, "How's little KayKay?" Some, including that Grandma, called you Katy. Any name can be nicknamed I guess.

  2. I think thats funny. I get called Debora and Lisa. If someone calls me the wrong name it's saft to bet it's one of those.

  3. lol ~ fun..I love calling you Kay Day..it rhymes! :_


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