Thursday, May 8, 2008

thursday thirteen

Random is the new word, you know.  My daughter and her friends say it a lot.  The baggers and checkers at the grocery store say it, too.  So, my TT for today is just random.

1. I'm feeling just a little bit homesick for my old town and my old friends.

2. I am more than ready for all four of us to feel healthy and happy at the same time.

3. My son will only have a little more than one month of summer vacation.  He returns to school the second week of July.

4. I've decided to change the beginning of my book.  I think it will make more sense logistically.

5. One of my kids frequently overdramatizes illness.  The other one not so much.

6. I was told that when I use the word "dude" it makes me seem like one of those people who isn't cool, but is trying to seem cool.  Whatever, dude.

7. I'm so so so tired of people being sick!

8. I get to hear the lovely Meadowlarks all the time here at my house.  Click the play audio button to hear it.

9. Last week was such a lovely week.  I felt all sunshiny and glowy.  But, dude, not so much this week.

10. I'm going to think happy thoughts all day.  Really.  I am.

11. I'm a little bit addicted to Star Trek Voyager reruns.

12. Dude.  One of my kids keeps whining.  *Happy thoughts happy thoughts*

13. There is a person on the trail behind my house just standing there taking in the glorious beauty of this morning.  It is a gloriously beautiful morning.


  1. heh! i just said "dude" in a post i did yesterday!


  2. I like your random list, and I hope all of you are soon healthy. I don't use "Dude", but I know people who do, and it sounds just fine coming from them.

  3. Kay,

    I hope you have a healthy (& your family), happy, content filled day.

    Yes, it is beautiful out today. So much so that I want to mow my grass and hang out on my patio.

    A prisoner of hope,

  4. Yo dude ~ loving the randomness of this post!!

    By the picture I can tell you have been enjoying Star Trek a little to much...LOL

  5. My kids say "dude" to everyone they talk to. I guess it's some type of expression for them. Great list!

  6. I can so relate to everyone being happy at once. And what is it with all the "bugs" going around this season. I randomly think and feel like you do.

  7. Great TT. I hope everyone gets and stays well. You deserve some "well-time".

    Happy TT!

  8. I really liked your random thoughts. "Dude" is an all purpose word, but not my favorite. I've started saying "man" quite a bit, as in "Hey, man, whatchya doing?" The trouble is sometimes I call women "man" and then I have to add "woman" right after, as in "Hey manwoman, whatchya doing?" I'm not really into using slang, but sometimes I find a word I like.

  9. Dude, the picture is random itself! I love it. Glorious days can lead to glorious happy thoughts. Get out there and breathe in the sunshine!

  10. Kay, you look so different today. I hope you are feeling like your old self soon. (((h)))

  11. Hey, you're looking great today! Ha. I catch myself calling guys "boy", but that doesn't go over too great with a couple of people I know!

  12. Dude, I know what you mean. It's cool.

    I love this random list, may need to borrow the idea sometime :) Love the picture by the way!

  13. Dude. I hear you on the sunshiny-glowy/not so much.

    Gee, I wonder why that could be?

  14. I caught my eldest daughter calling her brother dude. as in "dude, hold on!" I asked her what she called him? and yep she called him dude. I use dude in the correct context of the conversation just like the Canadian "ay", or however you spell it, but I can say it ay?

  15. Like your random list.

    I call my son little dude.

    I call everyone "guys."

  16. Dude!


  17. LOVE the picture...:-)

  18. Had to come back by and see your random! LOL I love it!
    Kay I miss you!!


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