Friday, May 2, 2008

inner critic

No one asked what I meant by saying my, as well as your, life is a joke.  I guess you knew that already.

I am going to give you an assignment that we had.  Nancy Rue got it from some lady's book.  But I don't remember who.  So sorry.  But the assignment is to draw your inner critic.

We all have one.  You don't have to be a writer or an artist or anything to have one.  You know you do.  She follows me around and tells me I don't keep house like I should, parent like an amateur and don't know the first thing about being a wife.  You don't even want to hear what she says about my writing.  

So doing that project is how I discovered what my inner critic looked like.  It doesn't have to look like a specific person.  I could look like a blob with a big mouth or something.  Only you know.

Tell me about it when you are done.


  1. From your description, either we share the same inner critic or they are closely related...

    Good assignment!

  2. Mine is skinny, super smart, perfect memory, always beautiful, perfectly dressed, perfectly cleaned house and never hated. Oh, and I don't think she ever sweats. Nope.. I am sure she doesn't sweat.

  3. Mine is perfect in every way. Physically she is skinny, shapely,, quick and in her conduct she is disciplined, fun, loving and perfect. A lot like yours! The only way I get around that inner critic is God and His Word. If I look and read and remind myself what the Lord says about me it makes her very small....


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