Friday, May 23, 2008

weird day

First thing, I learned of SCC's tragedy which had me broken hearted all day.  
I had a wonderful coffee talk with a friend, but we talked about some thought-provoking things.  
There was caffeine in the coffee that I had ordered de-caf.  I became pretty sick from that.  I just can't do caffeine on an empty stomach.
Then I heard about the tornado that struck north of here and we were under a watch as well.  I feel for the family of the one person killed, but thank God there wasn't more life lost.  That bottom picture is of what is left of a tractor trailer that blew across that field off of the Interstate.
My daughter had her continuation program from sixth grade!
We went out for a celebratory dinner, even though I still felt very odd from the caffeine.
I talked to a cousin to be sure she hadn't got tornadoed or anything.  It is always fun to talk to her.
Then I talked to a friend that I hadn't talked to for nearly a year.  She has been through some major life changes and had some real difficulties and heartbreaks since I last spoke to her.  Her most recent thing was being attacked by a 130 pound dog in a pet store.
She said some very kind things to me and it was good to talk to her.  We finally hung up about midnight and I went to bed.

It was a very life-filled day.  Life is full of ups and downs.  Good news and bad.  Grief and hope.  Friends, laughter and tears.  Encouraging and being encouraged.  

It was a weird day, but you all know how I feel about weird.  


  1. God bless and keep the Chapmans and those poor folks in Windsor. Days like yesterday make me so sad, yet grateful for each uneventful day in my life.

  2. I felt the same way all day regarding the SCC tragedy. Glad that you didn't get tornadoed..

  3. Some days are like that... Life is like that, but you handle it well. I'm glad for your good reports and news.


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