Tuesday, May 6, 2008

a or b?

I still want to post about being nice, but the truth is, I really need to be in a nicer mood to do that.  Yes, I'm cranky.  Got a problem with that?

Ok, so instead I want to talk about Type A and Type B personalities.  I am strongly Type B.  What are you?  You can take a short quiz to find out.  I didn't need the quiz to know which I am.  But I scored a 17 on this.  
Ok, I will admit that there are downsides to being Type B.  I do struggle with procrastination and finishing things that I start.  Sometimes events go by that I had intended to attend, but somehow missed.

But Type B isn't all bad.  And it's hard being Type B in our society.  Type A are the driven ones.  The ones who get things done and make the world a better place.  Type B is looked upon as lazy and wasteful. 

But I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love literally smelling the roses.  Watching the birds and right now, watching the leaves unfurl for the summer.   I would like to have just a bit more A in me.  Just enough to help me overcome the procrastination and other issues.  But I really don't want to be like all the people I see with their schedules cram packed and buzzing about like bees.  It makes me nervous.

If you are a Type A person who would like to slow down a bit I recommend reading the book Margin by Richard A. Swenson M. D.  It's a wonderful book for helping you find time in your life to live.  In the meanwhile I am reading a book called Overcoming Procrastination by Neil Fiore, PH. D.  

So tell me about you.  Which type are you and what do you like about it?  What would you like to change?


  1. You know me...I want you to guess what I am. A or B or what? So guess.

  2. Julie
    You are on the B side, but closer to being balanced than I am. You are not a driven Type A, but you get things done. Yet, you also enjoy the ride.

  3. I am a 52%. So I guess you are right. I didn't think so , but got to giggle at myself when I realized I was getting mad at the puter for taking sooooo long. Burning daylight is the expression around here. P. is a definate A, but just because he is such a worker. He isn't aggressive, so maybe he is balance too. I dont know. He doesn't think he is an A. It would be better because of his job ya know.

  4. I scored a 29. I like being able to relax and not be stressed. But my type A comes out when I am driving... LOL!

  5. I scored a "23"...what do you think?!

  6. I'm a 29. I do get aggravated when I don't get things done, but I don't work too hard at the actual doing of it!

  7. I scored 44, Type B, but "balanced", according to them.

    "What does your score mean?

    You seem to be in the middle between the Type A and Type B personality. In this case, the middle ground is good. Your attitude to life is more of the "smell the roses" kind and you know how and when to relax. Nonetheless, you realize that picking up a challenge and competing a little bit for your place in the sun can add some spice to your life. The equilibrium is important, so don't let your hostile, aggressive, and competitive alter ego take over too often. Generally, you are easy to be around, and people tend to feel relaxed and comfortable in your presence. Yours is a very healthy attitude towards life. "

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  9. I scored 26 -- Type B. Like you, I sometimes miss events I had planned to attend and I'm such a procrastinator. I think I'll put this quiz on my blog.

  10. Well, we're all type B except Julie, who is barely an A. Know why? Type A's aren't wasting their time reading blogs! LOL

    I took a long quiz on the Psychology Today site and it said I was type C! That's even more laid back than type B! Now that's just sad.

    I wonder if that's right. I do get irritated pretty easily.


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