Wednesday, May 7, 2008

being nice

It's raining!  I love the rain!

How often do you think something nice about someone, or maybe you even say something nice, but to someone other than the person it's about?

I tend to do it a lot.  

But I have been trying to make an effort to actually tell people the nice things that I think about them.  Why is it difficult to do that?  Is it because people often have an awkward reaction to compliments.  We don't want to make them feel uncomfortable -- which will make us feel uncomfortable? 

But we've all been on the receiving end and even those compliments that make us feel weird, make us feel really good, too.  There are words people have spoken to me that I take out and savor from time to time.  Things said years ago, even.  We all want to hear them, even if we don't know how to respond.

So, if I think someone is pretty, I want to tell them.  If I think someone is wise, I want to tell them.  It is hard for me, but it shouldn't be.  That's just silly.  I'm sure the devil knows the power that kind words have and he has done his best to deceive us into keeping them to ourselves.

*edited to add* We have to make sure that our praise and kind words are true.  If we just say nice things, that is flattery and that is deceitful.  True compliments have to be true.


  1. Awesome post Kay!! I think that sometimes we do not "see" ourselves in the way the compliment is given. You look beautiful..if I feel cruddy my first reaction...are they being sarcastic?

  2. So true! I tend to shrug off compliments or explain why they aren't valid... tsk tsk... That just hurts the complimenter...

  3. in that case -

    Hey Kay! you have a great idea for a book. Keep at it!

  4. I try to say something nice to the kids in the food if I notice something and I think "thats pretty, or nice hair cut, or she looks nice dressed up" you know, I try to say it out loud. It kinda takes them a while to accept it, but I am careful to say it in a very nice it's meant.

  5. By the way..I love your new header..!!

  6. Sometimes it's just plain hard to give complements. But, keep on doing it. The world needs more encourager's like you.

  7. My favorite compliment happened about 43 years ago. I worked at a mental institution which employed doctors from foreign countries. There was a married couple who had gotten out of Cuba just in time. They were two of the sweetest people I ever knew. One day I went and got my hair fixed at a beauty shop. Dr. M. said, "You look 100% better!" Although my thoughts were saying, "Boy, I must have looked bad", I knew she meant that to be the finest compliment in the world, considering her grasp of our ways with words. I think of that every time I get my hair cut.


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