Thursday, May 1, 2008

calling all weird people

An editor who attended a Q&A forum at the Writers' Summit believes that there is an unmet need in Christian fiction.  That is the need for Sci-fi, Fantasy, Spec-fic, and anything "weird".  Apparently it is difficult for new writers to get this stuff published.  So he is starting up his own press!  It is called Marcher Lord Press.  It will be very professional.  He is using top notch cover designers and giving them free reign in the expression of their art.  He is allowing a way for Christian  authors of "weird stuff" to publish while getting around some of the restrictions of the CBA.

Here's something I got directly from their webpage:
"Marcher Lord Press publishes only the coolest speculative stories from the Christian worldview. So if you've got one you think is amazing but you realize the traditional Christian publishing industry is not the place for you, you're in the right place."

I think their web page could be better, but I don't think it's any reflection on the quality of their books.  They will be a real publisher, using real printers and real artists and only accepting good writers.  This man has been an editor for some time and he knows how to judge good fiction.  So if you are a reader, don't hesitate to buy books from them.  If you are a writer, don't expect to be accepted unless you are good!

  The books they publish will only be available for purchase online.  He will establish his own Amazon type store.  So go look and help support Jeff Gerke in his endeavor to get more great books into our hands!

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