Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I can't think of what to blog about today.

A dozen deer just walked through my yard.  Very nice.  

Yesterday a friend and I went walking with her dogs and had to fight off a vicious coyote.  Ok, "fight off" may be over-stating it a little, but it sounds exciting doesn't it?  There was a coyote, a big coyote, who was eyeing her dogs.  I shooed him off once, but as soon as our backs were turned he ran right back at us.  After about three times of us yelling and throwing things, he finally left.  But sure'nuff, we ran into him again.  He had just circled around.  So when we saw him at the end of our trail, we decided to go back home.  Her dogs were off leash and I was afraid one of them would get eaten.

There, I did have something to say after all.  For what it's worth.
I'll let you provide the spiritual application.


  1. And I thought it was exciting to have a deer rip the buttons off my shirt (see my blog if interested).

  2. Where was you sweet dog?

  3. Where was your sweet dog?

  4. could have had that mouth foamie thing wrong with it. And why didn't you have scoobie with you, or whatever her name is. And she can visit too, if she doesn't eat cats that is. I have a fenced yard and a house.

  5. I think he was looking for something good to eat...a dog or a kid.

  6. You have an interesting life. You should hear some of my brother's stories. One day he's rescuing people from burning cars on the freeway, another day he witnesses a man being beat along side the road while driving his school bus, another day he beats an intruder up with a baseball bat in his home, and the stories go on... I'm not sure if they are fact or fiction, but his life is definitely more interesting than mine.


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