Tuesday, November 20, 2007

tuesday tidbits and introduction #6

(edited to add the link for the book give-away. Sorry about that.)
~Be sure to go here and try for a free book! If I made the book sound too rough, I didn't mean to. It is just that it is unpredictable and I like that. But it has a great ending, so don't be afraid. If you haven't entered the give-away, I hope it's because you already have the book.

~Try a turkey bag for your turkey this year! I always use one. The turkey retains it's moisture and flavor. No basting. And it cuts the cooking time almost in half!

~My doggy and I are being introduced on Kathy Mackel's blog today.

And now, I'd like to introduce Jan. I've only known her a little while, but she is fun and has a great heart for others! I'm so happy to finally be making some friends in this strange land! Be sure to check out her blog because she is doing a blanket drive for the homeless. If you live far away, consider sending her some MCD's gift certificates instead. I know there are lots of opportunities to give this time of year, and you can't give to them all, but this is another option for you.

What is your name? Jan Parrish

If I ask "Who are you?" what first comes to mind, other than your name?
Bold and Free, fun- I’m loads of fun, and writer

How did you find my blog?
Through Megan’s Blog www.megandimaria.blogspot.com

Tell us about your blog, if you have one. Bold and Free is about boldly embracing the freedom we have in Christ and moving forward in our purpose.

Where do you live? (be as general or specific as you like)
On earth. LOL. But more specifically, Parker, Co.

What movie has touched you most, (made you cry)? And why.
I will have to say Amazing Grace because I can’t even imagine a world in which anyone thought it was acceptable to own a slave. (Available now on DVD) Unfortunately, there are still slaves all around the world and even here in the US. Yes, physical slaves here in the US illegally. It astounds me.

What movie has made you laugh hardest? And why. I’m a movie buff so I see so many of them. The most significant one was when we saw Meet the Faulker’s with our daughter and her fiancĂ© and his family several years ago after they got engaged (they are married now). A little bit awkward. I kept wondering if we were the Faulkers or the other family. Hopefully we are somewhere in the middle.

Name three books that you will never forget. And why.
Little Woman by Louisa May Alcott. My mom gave me “Beth” as a middle name but I am not her personality. I am most like Jo, though I am the middle child. Go figure.
Wind in the Willows – I loved frog. I still like frogs. My sibs and I would visit my grandparents in a little town in Nebraska and we loved to swim in the river and catch frogs. I used to imagine I was frog and my Grampa was Toad. He sorta looked like one in an endearing way.
Diary of Anne Frank – for the same reasons as listed in Amazing Grace.

What is your greatest strength?
Protector and defender for those who have no voice or are powerless.

What do you like best about me? No-- really. (ok, not really)
I like your quirkiness. Yes, really. You are not a cookie cutter person who has to be like everyone else and I love that. All my friends are unique. Not a desperate housewife in the lot (by desperate housewife I mean someone who is phony - without any real depth).

What computer game are you addicted to?
Who needs computer games when you have the blogisphere? Seriously.

Share any other tidbit about you that we might like to know.
I am doing a blanket drive for the homeless. Please visit my blog www.janparrish.blogspot.com for details.
Thanks for introducing me. J


  1. Hope I win the book! :) I agree, the turkey bag is GREAT! Hello Jan!
    Have a great Tuesday! One more day and I will have vacation time..Yeah!

  2. Hi Kay
    how do I win this book ???
    PS:My dog has a blog too!!
    its www.frasiersblog.blogspot.com

  3. Hi Kay,
    Thanks for introducing me to your readers. :)

    I usually do the Turkey in the bag but this year we are getting Mimi's take out. Complete dinner for 6 for under $80. Since the kids won't be here, I figured we'd indulge.

    Do you feel the temperature dropping? Brr.

  4. sorry, frasypoo, I added the link.


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