Friday, November 9, 2007

introduction #3

I met Bet online,, eight years ago? We have been part of an e-mail list ever since and she has been a true friend in every way.

What is your name? Bet

If I ask "Who are you?" what first comes to mind, other than your name? Mom LOL

How did you find my blog? You told me about it.

Tell us about your blog, if you have one.

Where do you live? Massachusetts

What movie has touched you most, (made you cry)? And why. Pay It Forward. I was so mad at the ending – I just cried and cried!

What movie has made you laugh hardest? And why. Most recently, Evan Almighty. It was hilarious! I cannot pinpoint exactly why; only that the whole money was just very funny without being stupid, kwim?

What is your greatest strength? Loyalty. I am fiercely loyal. Sometimes that’s bad. Most of the time it’s good, though.

What do you like best about me? No-- really. (ok, not really) I like how you contemplate and comment on things that happen (to you or in the world in general) without being judgmental.

What computer game are you addicted to? None. I don’t care for computer games.


  1. Hi Kay,

    Your introductions are great! I will submit one eventually :)

    Just wanted to share a Turkey Trivia Quiz with you.

    How much do you know about the turkey? Take Aristotle's Turkey Trivia Quiz and find out! -

  2. Thanks for the quiz, Robin! I only got 9 right.

  3. Turkey Trivia ~ Fun! 10 right and who would have thought a wild turkey could run up to 25 miles an hour? Obviously, not me! The intros have been neat. Great idea!


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