Friday, November 2, 2007


If you live in more sultry climes, you may not need this advice. But here, in Colorado, the air is dry most of the time. And when Fall arrives, it isn't just the leaves that shrivel up. My skin does, too. I try to stay hydrated. I use good skin care products, but there comes a point where I can't banish the dry-flakies. Until now. I discovered a product that really does what it says. So I want to pass it on in case you want to try it.

It's called Na-PCA. It really does make my skin feel soft. It is a natural factor in skin that diminishes as we age. But you can follow the link to read more if you want to. I just picked mine up at my health store, because they let me return things that don't work. I spray it on then apply my usual moisturizer.

So there ya go. Nothing in it for me, one way or the other. I should ask the company for a advertising fee!


  1. Thank you Kay! I have been looking and looking for something. I get real dry right between my eybrows and nose. Silly Huh!

  2. It's only silly because you are still a youngster. I get driest there, too. It is weird because that's the famous T zone that is supposed to be oily.


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