Thursday, November 1, 2007

poll closed

The majority vote was split between doing nothing on halloween and doing an alternate activity.

We normally do something else because it is my husband's birthday. We have had birthday parties that involve costumes. Sometimes it's just dinner out. We have done the church alternatives sometimes, too.

But this year we don't know anyone to invite over for a party. So for the first time that I can think of the kids went trick-or-treating. Which really wasn't much different from the Trunk-or-treats they've done at church.

I've done a lot of internal debating about halloween. I always did it as a kid and loved it. Our church used to put on haunted houses. But something has changed over the years. For me it is the growing prevalence and acceptance of witchcraft. Our old community had a lot of witches. I know because they advertised in on their bumper stickers. Seventy-five percent of the books in the YA section of the store are about witchcraft.

So, I don't want to personally be involved in anything that contributes to that or that the devil would see as a foothold into my family.

But last night as I prayerfully took the kids around to some houses I just felt as if trick-or-treating had very little to do with the evil of the night. I know that hundreds of years ago, the roots were pagan. But we haven't even done trick-or-treat in this country very long. And people don't seem to have any problem hiding Easter eggs or giving their children Easter baskets when that is a pagan holiday, as well.

I'm not defending trick-or-treating. I hope that next year we go back to the birthday party. It's just that I saw it in a different light last night. It really did seem innocent. And the truth is that asking for candy isn't evil. I imagine that the people who truly celebrate will tell you that it has nothing to do with trick-or-treats. The celebrations are done in secret gathering or in homes.

It is definitely a night that we should pray, because the enemy is clearly involved in the day. In fact today is a holiday for them as well. Their new year. And I think each family should prayerfully consider what part they should take in halloween and then do what God directs. Next year I would like to have a party for my husband and then also set up a hot cider station for all the freezing neighbors!

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  1. I love you Kay! I appreciate your honesty and just your desire to please the Lord in everything. Thanks for the post!


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