Friday, November 2, 2007

getting to know you

If you read my blog regularly. If you read my blog ever. I would like for you to introduce yourself. Even if I already know you -- the other readers would like to meet you, too, I bet. If you are interested in guest-blogging an introduction on my blog, then send me an e-mail answering the following questions:

What is your name? (just the first name is ok, or your user name if you prefer)

If I ask "Who are you?" what first comes to mind, other than your name?

How did you find my blog?

Tell us about your blog, if you have one.

Where do you live? (be as general or specific as you like)

What movie has touched you most, (made you cry)? And why.

What movie has made you laugh hardest? And why.

Name three books that you will never forget. And why.

What is your greatest strength?

What do you like best about me? No-- really. (ok, not really)

What computer game are you addicted to?

Share any other tidbit about you that we might like to know.

This has no time limit, so even if you read this months from now, feel free to participate. I think it would be nice for us to know a little about each other.

Send the answers to me at keep1hope at msn dot com and I will post them!


  1. I can't let you know who I am because I don't know how to make my mouse thingy work right.

    But just to let you know I think that you must come from a highly intelligent family and if you had a sister I bet she would also be just as beautiful and intelligent as you are. I will just sign this "first time visit, long time fan"

  2. Kay! Thank you for having my fav movie music as a choice. Whoever anonymous is they sure sound kind, huh. How do you comment on Mom's blog? Why can Mom blog and I don't even know how to find internet sites without a child's help? I'll look here again later, I go to the Docs tomorrow to get my tonsils checked out. Hope they can come out. Julie xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. Oh yeah, kiss the kids.

  4. I regularly read your blog, and really enjoy it... so much that you have been added to my google reader! I think we think a lot alike.. your book list looks like mine, and I like your music list!


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