Sunday, November 11, 2007

lessons learned

1. Always be sure your camera has film in it before taking all kinds of gorgeous photos. I found out last week after taking all kinds of beautiful shots of hawks on my son's field trip that my camera was empty. Had indeed been empty for who-knows-how-long. There went my beautiful prairie pictures and new-house-views. Now everything is brown and yellow and not nearly as pretty. On the bright side -- there were no wedding photos or anything like that!

2. When your son falls and injures his back and says he can't breath and can't move, maybe call a doctor to get some advice before deciding that an ambulance is the only way to go. Because it will be embarrassing when a firetruck and ambulance show up and when your son gets to the hospital and starts doing back flips on the gurney. Besides it is a very scary thing for the kid and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. No more overreacting.

3. No matter how long you wait, water will never, ever boil with the burner in the off position. Ok, if you wait until the earth is pummelled with fiery brimstone, it might boil then, but it will be kinda pointless then.


  1. Great news that it was unnecessary. but I can understand how that might be embarrassing. No doubt they thought you were an "over-reactive mommy."

  2. Good lessons :) Your sense of humor makes them more tolerable - hopefully for you too :) Thanks for sharing as always. Your blog is one of two that I check often.


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