Monday, November 12, 2007

poll closed

So the vans win! I drive a regular old car myself. But now that my daughter has taken up the Bass, I guess we may have to consider getting something roomier.

Here in Yuppyville, the SUV definitely rules the road. I was expecting it to win the poll as well. But this Yuppyville is mixed with a large number of horse farms, so the Pick-up is ubiquitous, as well. Pick-ups are just Colorado vehicles, though. We always had one when I was a kid. My dad still has one. And I really want one.

So if I could drive what I wanted, I guess I would get a van to haul the kids' friends and to hold Abby's bass. A 1960's VW Van would be my choice, except I heard that they don't get very warm in the winter. I would also have an old pick-up truck. Either red or yellow.


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