Monday, November 19, 2007

monday thanksgiving

I actually wrote this a couple of years ago, but it is still true!

I am thankful:
That God loves me, deeply, faithfully, unconditionally, eternally.
That Jesus provided a way for me to be reconciled to God.
That God is always in control of all things.
That God allows circumstances in my life to test me, strengthen me, prove me, and purify me. It means I am worthwhile to Him!
That I have been married for 14 years to the man God created me for.
That I have a brilliant daughter who loves the Lord and is wise beyond her years.
That I have a son who is quick as a whip and so sweet and kind and giving!
That my parents are still alive and married to each other 44 years. That they raised me to know Jesus. That they trusted me and were strict at the same time. That they are still there for me if I should ever need them.
For my sister and her family. For my nieces and nephew.
That things don't always go my way.
That God doesn't say yes to all my prayers.
For blue skies that take my breath away.
For mountains to look at everyday that reminds me of the Might and Power and Steadfastness of my King.
For wind that almost always reminds me of the Sweet presence of the Holy Spirit.
For clouds that remind me that some day my Jesus will be riding on one of them to come and get me!
For brooks and streams that remind me of the Water that quenches all thirsts!
For rain that reminds me of the mercies of God.
For thunder that reminds me of the voice of God.
For the word Grace. What a beautiful word.
For my grain mill and mixer that I use to make bread. Wholesome, life-giving bread that reminds me of the Bread of Life.
For each breath I take. I can't be conscious of them all, but am thankful for each one and want God to receive each one as a Praise offering to Him.
For the moon and the stars that remind me of how small I am.
For the steam on my tea that reminds me of how short my time here on earth really is.
For the wonderful, amazing privilege of Prayer.
For my wonderful friends!! God has blessed me with so many who meet so many different needs in my life!
For God's Word. The sharp sword that wounds my flesh and heals my spirit. The WORD of God. The WORD who was in the beginning with God. The WORD who became flesh.
For my health, my sanity, my intelligence, my personality, my failures, my desires and dreams. They are what make me who I am.
For my house and car and the clothes in my closet. For all of the material blessings that God has shared with me.


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    God Bless,
    Taking Tomorow.

  2. Absolutely beautiful list, Kay. A blessing to read.

  3. I love it! Doesn't your day go so much better when you look at all you HAVE?! You are a blessed woman, Kay.

  4. Kay, that was beautiful. I am going to keep that.

  5. Wonderful post Kay! I love to read about what people are thankful for - it makes the world a better place when we express gratitude!


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