Wednesday, July 9, 2008

love is all we need

Perspective.  If we can ask God to help us see people the way He does, we will love them better.
I know that this is a huge factor for me.
Here is a post I wrote awhile back about people.  About how I naturally feel about them.

A few weeks ago the pastor shared an illustration that I would like to share with you.  I am changing the dollar amount because I won't be giving it away at the end like he did and I think a higher amount has more impact.

Ok, so, its me talking to you.

Me: What is this in my hand?
You: Why, that is a hundred dollar bill, Kay.
Me: How much is this worth?
You: It is worth one hundred dollars.
Me: Why?
You: Because it is equal to one hundred dollars.
Me: Yes, but who said so?
You: The government.
Me: So, a higher authority designated the value of this bill?
You: Yes.
Me: Can I change that value?  
You: No
I throw the money on the ground, (we're outside) and grind it into the dirt.  Then I pick it up and show you again.
Me: How much is it worth now?
You: One hundred dollars.
I take it inside, put it in the toilet, take it back out and spit on it.
Me: How much is it worth now?
You: One hundred dollars.

Get the point?  So the Bible says that God loved the whole world so much that He gave His one and only precious son so that they can have eternal life, if they choose.

Your value has been designated by a higher authority.  You are worth everything to God.  You are worth more than anything.  You can't change that.  No matter where you've been, what you've done or what has been done to you.  You are valuable.  

For me that illustration changed how I see other people. When I'm out and about I will consciously say to myself, "That man is worth everything to God."  No matter what he looks like, no matter how he acts, no matter what he's done.  Some of us aren't five dollar bills while others are ones and others are hundreds.  We are valued the same.  Hitler had this same inherent value.  That's hard for us to grasp.  God so loved the world.  No exclusions.  No conditions.  

If we can start seeing people the way God does, maybe we can begin to love them the way we should.


  1. I had heard that same illustration awhile back and it was life changing. God values each person. A great perspective and something I need to operate in ALL the time. I think as we purposely walk in does get easier.

  2. That is really something!!
    It's true. Thank God it is true, because all of us know something about ourselves that is horrible (at least to us) so even when we look like $100, we may feel like .50cents. thanks

  3. I sure wish I had bothered to teach you how to think and wonder:>) If we all believe that we all have the same value, there shouldn't be any unloveables and untouchables within our reach. Kay, do you remember the time I said that I wished bin Laden would get killed? And you said you were thinking it would be good if he got saved, something to that effect. I felt so abashed at my hardheartedness. You were thinking God's way, not human's way. Thanks for the great blog.

  4. I love this post. Such a great illustration.


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