Saturday, July 5, 2008

writing help

I have something really cool to tell you about.  But you'll only be interested if you are a writer.  And it will only be useful if you are lucky enough to use a Mac. (If you have a PC, there is a note for you at the end of this post.)

Angie Hunt mentioned this cool program at the Glen Eyrie conference and I only just got around to downloading the free trial.  It's called Scrivener and it is designed specifically for writers.  It would work for any  kind of writing, I suppose, even a big term paper or something.  It will definitely work for either fiction or non-fiction and even has applications specific to screenwriting.

I'm still figuring it all out, even though it has a very nice tutorial.  But here are some things I can do.  
I have broken my draft into scenes and each scene also has a notecard that has a synopsis on it.  That notecard goes on a little cork-board where I can switch them around and see what order I want my story to be.
Also, because it is broken into scenes, it is much less intimidating to me.  I can open one scene and work on it and not feel overwhelmed by all those pages and words that I don't know what to do with or where to start and its just too much so I'll just play a game instead.
Breaking it into scenes is completely easy.

 Before I do anything with it at all, I can take a "snapshot" and that saves the original and I can always go back to the original if I feel like I have completely messed something up.  Security.  That's what that is.

I can - so they tell me - type in a characters name and get all the parts that pertain to them so that I can be sure their individual story line makes sense.
I can keep track of all of my research and can open more than one pane, so that I can see my text and my research and my synopsis all at the same time.

Cool, huh?  I'm getting it.  Its only $40 and my hubby, who is a programmer, is very impressed with the program and says its a great deal at that price.

For those with PCs, if you are still reading, they recommend this program as a comparable option.


  1. Very interesting. I can't even figure out how to manage my blogger thingy.

  2. It sounds wonderful and really useful. I suppose it would be possible to set up something similar by myself. My version probably wouldn't be quite so easy to use, but still helpful. I may give it a try.

  3. Sounds great for those that write and own a Mac..just awesome!

  4. so now your book will be out when? hee, hee.

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