Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my desk!

This is what I've been using.  It's a little wooden table that my dad painted and used when he cleaned his guns or something.  Then he gave it to me.  It worked.  It was rather wobbly and small and short.  But it worked.  It is now back in the front entry where I used to have it.

This is my new desk!  Big. With drawers for all my stuff.  Pretty.  Shiny.  

Notice the pretty glass knobs.  Thats what got me.  I love glass knobs!
Ok, so it was in the children's section?  So its supposed to be in a little girl's room?  So?  I love it!  Now, when I get my writing tiara, just look at how pretty and sparkly I'll be with my pretty, sparkly desk!
My name is Kay.  I am a girl.  I run and throw like one, too.


  1. Cute post - nice desk :) Enjoy and don't forget to wear your tiara :)

  2. Nice desk!

    "To thine own self be true" seems to be easy for you, "My name is Kay. I am a girl. I run and throw like one, too." Well done!

    A prisoner of hope,

  3. Kay, found your blog from signature on ACFW loop. Love the desk! Love the mac! Although the blue desk also has some personality -- hope you find a good home for it.

  4. LOVE it..the glass handles would have got me too! Excellent choice!

  5. Do your legs fit under there? It's beautiful. Didn't expect that type of desk. Thought it would be a computer-type thing, you know the kind that have layers hooked together with legs.

  6. I LOVE it! Love, love, love! I liked the old one too, though. :)

  7. Kay, how perfect. It matches your laptop. You so need a tiara! Just think of it as your writing crown.

  8. Very pretty. I think we (women) are just girls at heart whose bodies change but not our insides so much.

    I have a collection of small toys. And it's only been in the last few years that I've stopped watching many cartoons. (I think the cartoons have changed and are not as interesting as they used to be.) I still like Disney movies a lot.

    And I like your desk. May it inspire wonderful writing!


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