Thursday, July 24, 2008

thursday thirteen

Here are 13 favorite moody songs from my youth.  These were some of my "blues".  They were great to listen to when I was in a moody teen angsty state.

Whos Gonna Drive You Home - The Cars

Against All Odds - Phil Collins

At This Moment - Billy Vera

Time After Time - Cindy Lauper

Here Comes the Rain Again - Eurythmics

Teacher - George Michael

Vincent (Starry Starry Night) - Don Mclean

Rise - Herb Alpert

Take it to the Limit - The Eagles

She's Like the Wind -  Patrick Swayze

The Best of Times - Styx

Separate Ways - Journey

The Winner Takes it All - ABBA


  1. Just looking at this list makes me all teary eyed.

  2. I love this list. Some of these were my favorites too. I haven't heard Vincent in a long time. Thanks for bringing the memories back.

  3. Oh, "Against All Odds" is the most perfect heartbreak song! I still feel pangs in my chest every time I hear it.

    Great TT!

  4. Ok now I have sooo many of those floating in my head. Looks like I am going to be singing the rest of the day!

    Happy TT!

  5. None of those ring a bell with me! Can't imagine why... Nothing shows our age like our teenage songs.


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