Monday, July 28, 2008

in my world today

I petted a horse today!  It was in the school parking lot.  Just hanging out.  It was in a trailer, so it didn't have much choice.  I will call it a her, since it sounds better than it and I couldn't really tell because of the trailer and all.  
Anyway, she was a very pretty dapply gray color.  A color you see often in Arabians, but she wasn't an Arabian.  I don't know what she was - but pretty.
Also, quite aloof.  She really didn't care about me at all.  She deigned to look at me once from her lofty height, but only long enough to determine that I was a lowly peon.  She allowed me to pet and pat and scratch her, but I'm sure the pleasure was all mine.  Her highness can treat me anyway she likes, though.  Because I don't care.  

In other news:
Third Day is having a free concert here somewhere.  Like I want to drive to probably the other side of Denver and wait in line for hours in the heat just to have the place fill up right as I get to the door?  I don't think so.  I wish they'd just charge $30 and assure me a seat.  Anyway, its cool for other people who like to do that kind of thing.  I saw them once and it is an awesome concert!  I would go again, you know, if they charged and stuff.

Weather - hot, but breezy.  I love the breezy part!  Would love some rain. We do indeed need rain.  High of 95 today.

Tell me what's up in your world today.


  1. P. got the job in Republic!!!

  2. Hot, Humid, hard to breathe, stifling, sticky, sweaty, chafing, sticky, baking, blistering, boiling, broiling, burning, fiery, heated, red-hot, roasting, scalding, scorching, searing, sizzling, sweltering, torrid, febrile, feverish, biting, blazing, blistering, boiling, broiling, burning, grilling, heated, humid, intense, muggy, peppery, piping, pungent, raging, scalding, scorching, sizzling, sweltering, thermal, tropical, warm

  3. Hey Mel, is it hot where you are? ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,. I feel for you. I really do.

  4. I agree with you about the standing in line thing. I'm in the process of tagging you for a meme. Stand by, it'll be fun. :)

  5. Tag from me too! I cannot wait to read yours! I think you are quirky. :) That is what I LOVE about you!

  6. Its not so terrible here right now - temps are bearable, but rising along with the humidity..

    A few weeks ago we waited in line for a free Veggie Tales movie only to be turned away once we were almost in - my kids were sad and I was sad for them... So free isn't always a great option... The worst part was my kids' friends got in ahead of us...bummage.

  7. Hey, Mel. How's the weather down there? Poor darling. Someone has to live there. Kay, so glad you found a horse to pet. Horses make me feel a little homesick for some reason.


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