Wednesday, December 12, 2007

wonderful things

A hundred geese, sounding like they need a dose of WD40, flying across the sky in single file.

Tracks in the snow attesting to the variety of critters that come our way during the night and wee hours. Some of which have me puzzled. Something with very short legs, I guess, made tracks that, from here, look like a toy truck drove through our front yard.

God with us.

The many shades of blue in a Colorado sky.



Cloudy days

Cloudless days

Old friends

New friends

Hugging friends

Never met friends

Comments on my blog

My kids' hugs

My husband's kisses

Christmas trees

Wood burning fireplaces


You, taking the time to come here, to my blog, and visit me!


  1. You: providing lovely pictures with words to match. Thank you.

  2. I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing!
    Be sure to visit mine tomorrow -- I plan to use one of yours for my Friday Favorites. I have to find it first.

  3. Thanks Kathy!
    I have some tags, but haven't gotten around to tagging everything yet.

  4. Very sweet...I love it..very creative!


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