Friday, December 28, 2007

what was i doing?

There are three posts for today, so keep reading! I also posted on my new blog. Yeh, I need a life. LOL
I was tagged, (I love getting tagged!) by Michelle at Just a Minute. It's the 10-20-30 meme and I have to talk about what I was doing 10, 20, and 30 years ago.

10 years ago , 1997- Oh, that was a rough time. I was pregnant with my son. I had been suffering from depression for a year or so already. My aunt had just died earlier in December from complications from Lupus or the medications she had been on for decades. Who knows. She had aneurysms and a staph infection. Basically, it was just her time. There was too much going on. My grandma died then in February of 98, then my aunt's husband in April. I also got very sick while pregnant and had a health issue that involved frequent encounters with a scalpel.

20 years ago, 1987 - I was in college at Liberty University in VA. A Sophomore, I guess. I had just gone to Mexico City on a missions trip and I was dating a guy from India that I met on the trip. Before that a cute Mexican guy and a Canadian were vying for my attention. I guess I am just Internationally appealing! LOL! Or "was" anyway.

30 years ago, 1977 - Yeh, like I can remember. I was 11. My cat had just been born before my 11th birthday. I had him until I was 26 years old. He was my best buddy. I don't really know what else exciting happened then. I think I may have had my first crush about that time.

Ok, I'm going to tag Angie, Jan, Bet, and Jen.


  1. Oh, boy. Am I supposed to remember back that far? I'll give it a shot. :-)

    Thanks, Kay!


  2. You should say "your it"
    30 years ago I bet you were torturing your sweet little sister, or maybe the other way around?

  3. You are internationally appealing!We are friends right ?

  4. Kay- Thanks for popping over to my blog. I am just sitting down to read through some of your posts. I guess I will have to check out your new blog too.

    Must be nice to know at least once in your life you were "internationally appealing". LOL.

  5. Kay ~ you are SO internationally appealing!

  6. So, would that, could that be an international rodeo queen? ;)


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