Saturday, December 15, 2007

the good and the bad of yesterday

I'll let you figure out which is what.

It snowed all day long.

It didn't get warmer than about 20 degrees. Too cold for heavy, deep snow.

The roads were bad and none of my family arrived home at the expected time.

The car shop called.

1/2 in of water, 6 feet down the hallway. Toilet over-flowing.

The dog acted silly.

A fire in the fireplace.

Kids roasting marshmallows.

Watched Pirates of the Caribbean - World's End.

Watched Charlie Brown Christmas Special.


  1. We had the same kind of day.

    I do like it when there some little redeeming quality at the end of the day.

  2. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean ~ World's End last night. I actually seems I am a minority there. Like your picture...Did not snow here at all..but it was COLD! Roasting marshmallows is fun!

  3. Mel, I didn't like World's End nearly as much as the first two. But it was still good. Would have been better if I had seen the others more recently. I couldn't remember what was going on.

  4. It seems each day has some of each enough bad to make us appreciate the good...Sometimes more than enough bad, but God always carries us through and makes us stronger and/or more trusting in HIM.

  5. Nothing equals the first POTC (Curse of the Black Pearl), but I enjoyed all three and preferred At Worlds End over Dead Man's Chest.

    At the end of a day, though, those are great films to bring laughter, except I cried when Will had to leave Elizabeth and return to The Flying Dutchman. Yes, I really did--and do every time I watch it.


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