Monday, December 17, 2007

how much to tip?

I always wonder...
If you are travelling over the Holidays, (yes, I have no problem calling them Holidays, we can take that up in another post if you like) and don't know what to tip -- here you go.
If you are just like me and wing it all the time, well -- here you go.
Just visit this site and all your tipping questions will be answered.


  1. Interesting and good to know..thanks!

  2. When I lived in Europe the "tip", or gratuity, was included in the bill already. So, one did not tip a waiter/waitress. I liked this practice and thought it more than fair to me and to the wait staff. However, upon returning to the U.S., I was told I was a “snob” and a “cheapskate” for not wanting to tip, or when I did so, for tipping too little. I wish the U.S. would let go of its antiquated mores. Let’s start with tipping first, shall we?

    First, I want to get out my frustrations about tipping in general, and then I will follow up with my solution to the tipping problem. What bugs me the most about restaurant wait staff is they are way too “polite.” It is my personality, I know, but I automatically suspect insincerity in a waiter/waitress who ask me, “How ya doin’ today?” followed by the well rehearsed “My name is Tiffany and I will be taking care of you today.” I mean, come on, get real. First, I know most Americans do not really want to know how I am doing anymore than they care about the decreasing value of the U.S. Dollar against the Euro. Nonetheless, since I am an American, I usually don’t think twice and robotically answer, Fine, and you?” – and in good American insincerity do not stop to listen for the obligatory answer. Honestly, I am not bothered by the quaint, mysterious American custom. In fact, I taught my English as Second Language students in Romania all about it and how they should not be put off when an how-you-doing-inquiring American does not stop to hear about Uncle Ovidiu’s sore toe.

    Actually, what drives me nuts is the constant badgering I get once my meal arrives. It seems as though I am in mid-chew when the overly-eager waiter/waitress rushes over to ask “How’s everything?” I don’t mind being asked this question the first time, or even a second time. What gets me is the third, fourth, and sometimes fifth drilling as to how much I like the food. If I did not like the food, I would either not eat it or call the waiter over and complain. So, by the third time I get the third degree, I strongly suspect the waiter is vying for my tip and is trying to elicit a 20% plus handout from me. Well, not me, buddy. Go away and ensure the cooking staff are cleaning the kitchens and not inserting unmentionable items into my food! I watch Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares” so I know there is something that can be scrubbed and disinfected back there.

    OK, now that I vented, here is my solution to the tipping problem. Pay the wait staff a livable wage, ensure they do there jobs and let me keep the 15% .

  3. Thanks, I could probably use this info.

  4. I do like the upfront gratuity included in the meal price. However, I'm far more inclined to favor the American inquiries (within reason and not overkill while I'm eating).

    Customer service is a dying art, and should be resurrected. Cordial wait staff is a blessing to me.

  5. "anonymous" I do sometimes wish that people were just paid for their job and paid to provide good service, but I always get arguments about why that won't work. The cost to us would be greater, etc. So I don't know what to think about that.
    But as far as including the gratuity in the tab-- I don't like that. I have had poor service in those situations. Although, I suppose I could have reported it to the manager. I just am always doubtful about how much that accomplishes.
    I like to tip well for good service and I will tip poorly for poor service.
    I don't really like them bugging me, but do like when my glass stays full, etc, but somehow I never seem to actually see it happen. That's good service.

  6. Hi Kay,
    I was going to suggest googling it but looks like you have it covered !
    Please tip your hair person very well.My husband is a barber so I gain from that!!
    I am with anonymous about the constant badgering!!

  7. Except for restaurants, I purposefully avoid any situation that might require a tip.

  8. I may be weird..I like giving is a way of blessing someone! I also am a mom who spends a lot of time at home...I love the "badgering" is so nice to have someone wait on me! I do not like giving tips in those tip buckets at Starbucks...unless they do an amazing job..but when you spend five dollars on a cup of coffee and they do not serve it to you and give you refills..nope..not into giving extra.

  9. Yep, I usually wing it! Thanks for the info!

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