Thursday, December 13, 2007

thursday thirteen

My friend Mel did her TT on white last week, so I will do red.

  1. Red is one of my favorite colors

  2. My grandma's favorite color was red. She would be 105 if she were still alive.

  3. My adopted grandma's favorite color is red. She will be 91 this month.

  4. Pomegranates. The kids and I love them. My mom used to get them for us and it was always a treat. So I get them for my kids this time of year.

  5. Roses. Especially the wild, rambling kind.

  6. Hens. We used to have chickens, but none of them were red. I like the red ones, though.

  7. My pony, Creampuff. She was actually more pink, but she was a red roan.

  8. My dog, Skittles.

  9. Lipstick.

  10. Blood. I'm not a freak. I just think it's a gorgeous color and it is the stuff of life. We need it. Physically and spiritually speaking.

  11. Watermelon. Not the season for it, but I love it.

  12. Strawberries, fresh picked and still warm from the sun. Wow. That literally made my mouth water.

  13. Cherry pie!


  1. That red candy called "licorice" but is cherry flavored. Red hots. Those little short stemmed tulips.
    Rainbow trout. Sour cherries on the tree, before the birds and the kids got them.

  2. I love it!! I love watermelon and oh..Cherry pie..and chocolate dipped strawberries...Red makes me HUNGRY!! Great list!

  3. I love red. My kitchen is decorated in cherries and my bathroom is black, white, red, gunmetal gray and chrome.
    Happy TT!

  4. And you forgot that you look good in red!

  5. I love it that you put in blood, pomegranetes, and your red pony. Really a very poetical list! The Flatland Almanack --Damozel (adorable animals)

  6. Ohhh! I have to agree on fresh picked strawberries. As a kid I used to visit my nanna's farm. I would go out back and pick strawberries. I think more made it into my belly then into the bowl.

    She also had wild apple trees growing in a forest behind the farm. Those were the best tasting apples I had ever had.

    My TT is up at

  7. I am glad to know that your favorite color is red. I didn't even know that when I made the links to your blog in my today's post, but for some reason instead of having them in blue as I usually do, I made them red!

  8. My favorite shade of red is barn red, so I would have added barns in my list of red.
    Great list, I am out visiting late this week but hope you will drop by.

  9. How is your dog red? You forgot your hair. :)

  10. Jan, my dog is red in that she has red hair. LOL. It doesn't come out right in the photos, though.

    And my hair isn't red. We call it brown. My husband doesn't like red hair. But I'm afraid my hair has it's own ideas about that. No matter what my stylist does with my color, the red comes out.

    And I'm not so clever. I copied Monday-Sunday.

  11. The colour of blood is very emotive. Though I do prefer my own blood to stay inside my body at all times.

    Cherry pie, mmm! Do you have spare slice?


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