Sunday, December 9, 2007

Last night I was stuck in Colorado Springs due to weather and was able to go to our old church. They made an announcement about the shooting at a YWAM office last night up in Denver. Two people killed and two injured. My dear friend who reads and interacts on this blog knew the two people who were killed. I know several people who are involved with YWAM. It was heart-breaking to hear that news.

Then, on the way home this morning, several police passed me in a big hurry and my heart clutched. Something stirred me to pray. My route home just happens to take me past New Life Church and as I approached, fire trucks were positioning themselves to block the roads. No one was even directing traffic yet. Police were still arriving. So I called the above mentioned dear friend because her family attends New Life and she told me the news that at least four people had been shot. Her family had already left the church, so they are ok.

I know many people who attend New Life. And also, you may recall this church has been through a lot already as their former Pastor, Ted Haggard, was involved in a sex scandal earlier this year.

Please, keep in prayer this church, the YWAM staff and missionaries and everyone affected by these horrible events.

As far as is known, the man who shot the YWAM people is still at large. The shooter at New Life killed himself. No other people were killed at New Life, just wounded, as far as I know right now.

God is still God. God is still on His throne and He is always good.


  1. So glad to hear you are OK. Please join me for Miracle Monday on my blog. (((H)))

  2. When I heard about this yesterday, I immediately thought about you because I knew you were in the general area. I am glad to know that you are okay, but I feel terrible for the ones who were affected.

  3. Ohhhh, I didn't put it together about Ted Haggard and that church. I am so sorry to hear about the people that were senselessly killed.


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