Saturday, December 29, 2007

i didn't take any pictures

Today I went to a wonderful wedding! It was sweet and fun. We laughed; we cried.

My cousin died in 2000 from ovarian cancer. It was her son who got married today. But the fun thing was that I knew the bride, too, before I knew that they knew each other. So I not only got to see family, I also got to visit with friends from the bride's side.

My other cousin put a rose on the Mother of the Groom's chair before the ceremony started. That's when I started crying. The bride looked beautiful and her entrance down the aisle is when the groom started crying. During the vows, the bride started crying, to the point that she could barely repeat her own.

Ah, but there was silliness and laughter, too. Afterward when I told the groom that it was a fun wedding, he looked so relieved and said, "Really? Because I'm not much fun." I don't know about that, but I have a feeling his new wife will more than make up for it!

In a family that's had too many funerals, it was a complete joy to be a part of this celebration.

God bless Annie and Ben!

And prayers for them as they travel to Egypt in the morning!!


  1. How cool! I pray they have a fun marriage too :) I'm reading a neat (okay its not neat - its CHALLENGING) book by Gary Thomas called Sacred Influence and another book called Sacred Marriage (also by Gary) and they give insight into making marriage work. We seem to put so much effort into the wedding and so little into the marriage and wonder why marriage is so difficult at times. Gary says that marriage is more about making us Christlike than making us happy. Of course he's not saying we shouldn't have happiness in a marriage just that we can grow in our faith because of marriage. Check out his books at They are all of the challenging sort, but I like that...

  2. I cry at all weddings and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I love them.

  3. I'm catching up on my blog reading! I love your new look and congratulations to the happy couple. My son, Ben, married his Annie in 2006! See ya next year!

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  5. I wish I could have come out for it. I cried when you said that about the rose. I cry when I think about her. I don't know why, you were closer, so I guess I have a tender heart all the same.

  6. "In a family that's had too many funerals, it was a complete joy to be a part of this celebration."

    That is the truest statement I've heard in a long time. It brought a tear to my eye and a little pain to my heart. Hopefully in the future we will have more things to celebrate than mourn.


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