Friday, December 21, 2007

what happened to Christmas? - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

I went through I don't know how many radio stations today before I found one that was playing a Christmas song. I've noticed that very few of the stores I've been in are playing Christmas music. And most of all, when I leave the store, all I get is "have a nice day." That's it. Less than a week until Christmas.
Well, I figure the companies have given up since no matter what they do someone complains. I personally didn't mind being wished Happy Holidays. Holiday means Holy day and isn't that what Christmas should be? A day set apart for God? So it was a good reminder to me of what Christmas is supposed to be.
Also, I don't personally feel that the world has the responsibility to keep Christ in Christmas. I think it is the responsibility of we Christians to do so. In our families. In our celebrations. In our priorities and our spending.
It's sad that our world has changed so much that Christmas isn't the cultural thing it used to be. It's very sad.
But, one of my main pet peeves with society today is the way every complains when something isn't exactly the way they want it to be. The way everyone is so offended by every little thing. All this PC stuff. Yes, it bothers me that people are offended by the phrase "Merry Christmas" but for that exact reason, I refuse to be offended by the phrase "Happy Holidays." - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more


  1. I agree with you on the Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas...I think the world has gotten way to sensitive...I thought of that the other day..the Christmas music and all..too strange!!

  2. Honestly, I could not be happier to see the so-called "Christmas" greetings go away in the stores and businesses. Call me what you will, but most of Christian history did not celebrate the birth of the Lord to the extent it became within the past 500 years or less. in fact, our Puritan "founders" strictly forbade the holiday. I am mostly anti-Christmas because for the most part, our nation is not truly a Christian nation, so why expect them to celebrate. Especially during this post-Christian, economically unstable times. If we Christians want to truly celebrate Christ Mass, we should do it as a holy day. The most important Christain Holy Day is Easter, anyway.

  3. This is from an American Missionary to Romania describing "A Traditional Romanian Christmas". Remember, Romania is an ex-Communist country and Eastern Orthodox country) He writes, "A traditional Christmas in Romania is definitely focused on family and friends. For those who are a part of a Gospel preaching fellowship of believers, there is a strong emphasis, as well, on the True Reason for this Season. Much time is spent at church with fellow believers, remembering the Savior’s birth and praising Him in prayer and song. There will be a Christmas Eve service, services on Christmas Day (morning and evening), and on the day after Christmas as well (known as the second day of Christmas). Following the evening services those three days, youth and younger families go caroling to the homes of friends and family until early into the morning of the next day. Gifts are given, but the focus is much less commercial, to this point, than in the West. However, materialism is quickly becoming more a part of Christmas in Eastern Europe. Our prayer is that the Lord will remain the focus of Christmas in that land with such spiritual promise."

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  5. Christmas songs are playing in about half of the stores around my area and about half of the people say, "Merry Christmas" at the close of a sale.

    I love the celebration of Christmas, and our church has Christmas Eve services and other celebrations of the birth of Christ. Our family reads the Christmas story Christmas morning and we spend extended time with family and friends this time of year, grateful for the Lord's coming to earth to provide salvation and within that healing, miracles, and deliverance.

    Christmas is all about Jesus, and those who reject the reason for the season are missing the whole point.

  6. Well, you make a very good point. :)Thanks for sharing it.

    I have also noticed the absence of Christmas music, even on Christian radio stations.

    Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas! (((h)))

  7. I've noticed that too.... and it's bothered me. I have a LiveJournal as well as my WordPress journal, and one of the things I love about LiveJournal is how closely you can follow your friends through there. However, this last Christmas has had me wondering why a few of them are on my list. I try to surround myself with good things. I am far from a judgmental person, but I think a few people could possibly be less... offensive?... about the things they post? I had one gal who posted a picture saying "The Reason For the Season Is the Earth's Tilt On Its Axis... and Nothing More." Obviously, she isn't Christian. I had had no problem with her up to this point... but that really bothered me. Other others calling it "Giftmas" instead of Christmas. Or X-mas. I hate that too. I mean... they're taking out one of the few reminders left anymore about the real reason for the holiday. And I think that's sad.

    ((Sorry... this has been weighing on my mind for a little bit now, and I just kind of dumped it all on you, haha. I apologize... hehe.))


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