Wednesday, April 16, 2008

two answers

Ok, Julie asked if my face still itches.  That's kinda a goofy question, isn't it?  Of course my face still itches.
But the reason she asked is because when I was about 10 or so I had a terrible facial tic.  I would squinch my lips up and poke them out then stretch my mouth wide open.  I can't even think about it, much less write about it without having a very strong urge to do it!  It feels so good!  But once it starts, it takes over and it very hard to get under control.
I could make a spiritual correlation, but I think you can get it for yourself.

My mom asked me to talk about my trip to Haiti and my white leg.  
Well, I am very white.  Not just caucasian, but a caucasian who shows all of her British heritage and absolutely none of whatever heritage we have that makes some of us look like we are from south of the border.  I am just plain white.

So I was in Haiti for a couple of weeks and those people are very dark.  Beautiful people.

We went on a horse ride up a hill and we had to wear dresses because proper ladies don't wear pants.  I wore a dress that did not have enough freedom of movement and the only way I could get on my horse was to hike that skirt up a ways.  At least I was proper...
Anyway, my thighs just don't see the sun much and are nearly the color of paste.  This cute little guy (a young man of 18 or so) was my horse "wrangler" and as I sat there on the horse blinding everyone, he stared at my leg and before he could help himself he ran his finger over the skin.  He was shocked at himself and looked at me very apologetically and a bit mortified at what he had done.  I just grinned and that was it.  It wasn't a sexual thing, he just was fascinated by that whiter than white skin.    
Anyway, I think it is funny because there have been times that I have barely been able to restrain myself from doing something similar!


  1. Cute story :) I too am very white and I don't tan either - just burn and turn white again. So now I take precautions and use heavy duty sun screen, floppy hat, etc...

  2. I got to see your face itch..LOL..and me with my wiggling nose..LOL

    B is white like that!

  3. You girls make me want to do my tic things I used to do. Almost every kid has a tic at one time or another. I also had St. Virus Dance when I was a kid but that is another story. I had some pretty interesting tics. See, just talking about it makes me want to stretch my face!!! :?

  4. That Hatian man had what we call in our house an "out of body" experience. It's when you do something that you would never, nor would any other normal person do, but it's like your brain freezes and your body does it involuntarily. I have a roommate that has those experiences more often than any one person should.

  5. I have seen dark people with such smooth looking skin that I just think I should touch it, but I havent yet. I have had my mind shut down only to "wake Up" and realize I've been talking. Yikes.

  6. There is a doctor who has the most beautiful complexion and smooth skin on his cheeks. One day when he was concentrating on listening to my heart, his cheek was almost next to mine. I just barely resisted the temptation to kiss him on the cheek! Well, he is a very sweet man! Okay, daughters, are you embarrassed now? Hope so.


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