Friday, April 4, 2008

how it all went down

Here's the scoop of what happened at Kohls today.  

It went a lot as I expected except that I first was distracted by the purses on sale. I "needed" a new purse.  So I looked at all of them.  A couple times, maybe three.  Then I picked one to carry around awhile but decided against it.  Finally, I found one I like.   I have never had a Daffodil colored purse before.  I carried it with me and looked in the mirror and kept it on my shoulder while I did the rest of my shopping.  It was a keeper.  It was a $28 dollar purse for less than $12.  Not bad.

Then I was distracted by the sunglasses.  I "needed" new sunglasses.  My other pair are the kind that cover half my face and I feel like that old Old Navy lady.  So after trying on many pairs of shades I found some I like in the section for Juniors.  Do you think it matters that I am practically 42 and will be wearing Juniors glasses?  Will people notice you think?  Will they point and laugh?  Oh dear.

Then I finally made my way to the PJ section.  And it went down pretty much the way I predicted.  I actually tried them on, though, which was smart, I think.  I got two pair.  One warm and one cool because one never knows.  The warm pair was only $6 though, so I can't really go wrong, even if I save them for next winter.  I didn't do the usual "making sure" part with the PJs, so I'm really hoping I didn't make any big mistakes.  Time will tell.


  1. I say again, "I went shopping with you once."

  2. Great shopping! Sounds like you found some good deals!

  3. I think your a goof, you know that right?

  4. I'd say you accomplished a lot. Good job!

  5. Shopping is such the challenge. If we went shopping together Kay, neither of us would buy anything and we spend double the time doing it :)

  6. LOL
    the best laid plans

    Happens to me too..

    made me laugh..


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