Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm going to get my hair cut in a few minutes.  Possibly short.  Well, it will be by some people's standards as it is already not long.

 I like to change things up.  I don't like to have the same hairstyle more than about twice in a row.  I change the decor in my house from season to season.  I wear different clothes in different seasons, as do most people.  I wear different perfume, when I wear any at all.  Spicy, woodsy for fall/winter and floral, fruity for spring/summer.

But what occurred to me yesterday is that I even change my gum, mints and toothpaste.  I do cinnamon in the cold months and spearmint in the warm months!


  1. I never change..always, exactly the same..lol

  2. And people think children only do what they were taught by their parents! I wear some of the same clothes yeararound, as does my husband, only maybe thicker layers.

  3. I'm pretty boring...

    So Kay, where is the picture of the new haircut?

  4. That's cool. I like that about you. That's why you are so fun!

  5. trust me it is short :)

  6. I guess I don't change things much. However, I have changed my address 26 times. Surely that must count!


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