Saturday, April 5, 2008

in our own words

My son coined the word Disastrophy.  It's pretty self - defining.

My daughter uses the word Romantical and I have picked that up, too.

When I was a teenager my friend's boyfriend was disgusted by something and said, "That is so grosstech!"  I like that much more than grotesque.

When we need lip balm we say that our chips are lapped.  Ok, well, I say that.  And maybe my sister does.

And one time a kid, (when I was a kid) was in serious distress, but we were laughing instead of caring because she was holding her eye saying, "Ow, my allbye, my allbye!"

I frequently make up words when in a swearing state of mine. But Consarn-it works well.  Dad-blame-it, does too.  "What in tarnation?!"  I say "Dagnabbit", but my boy says "Dangrabbit."  I don't swear like a sailor.  I swear like a miner.  
Or a baby.  I sometimes say poo poo instead.

We have all the cute little things our kiddos used to say, too.  My girl called water "nanu" and girls "gores."  My boy had a problem with g's and d's, so daddy was "gaggy" and dog and God were both "gog."    Grandpa wasn't real thrilled with being called "crap-o"  but I thought it was cute.

What about you?  Have any unique words?


  1. Didn't crapo graduate to granpow? Do I need to tell the Carmax story? Okay, I will. It wasn't the same thing as these situations however. I honestly don't remember how old you were but it was when we picked up a teenage girl during one of the pick-up-the kids-for-school runs. You asked if anyone had any Kotex for your lips. We all tried so hard not to laugh because you were so sweet and innocent and serious.

  2. I LOVE these type of words! I have a blog where I put all these things down so I do not forget!

  3. Our family has several, too. I can't think of any right now except Shnappy, instead of snappy.
    Very fun post, Kay!

  4. I can't think of any at the moment, but when my daughter was a baby she had cradle cap and I called it cradle crap - (tongue twister...) and embarrassed myself.

  5. My chips are lapped right now - that was thanks to you know who -T.Mc.- andI don't remember crapo, but I would have encouraged it just for shock value. and fun. I say tomarlo, and am trying out blarg, I also say samitch instead of sandwich. I probably say more than I realize. J(youngest) says buddon(button),any double-t sound comes out d. but remember how far her speach has come. Do you remember how she talked? Mom told on me too, :(. We need to get a good story on her, huh!

  6. We say "back-a-yard" whenever we mean to say "backyard". We also occasionally say "Za Za" instead of pizza. And we ALWAYS say "meuwk"
    rather than milk, because these were how Kelly pronounced them as a little pipsqueak.
    She's 22 and still likes to hear them, lol. I said ALL THREE of them to her, just today. And then she got in her car and drove away, LOL.

  7. James called Pitchforks Porchficks, which we all still say. Biscuits are Bis-ah-kees and those fruit and yogurt parfaits from Mc D's Patrick has deemed them Rupert Farfays. As for each other.. Nianna is Nanners (the boys STILL call her that, and now all the guys at work call her that because they don't know her by any other name!) Patrick is Patchy. When the boys were little, they named each other.. Simba (yes, way before Lion King!) and Tam-moo. A little later it was Sims and Calvey. Oh man.. wish I could remember some more of them right now.

  8. I just read your Mom's comment ~ LOL!!

  9. Our little son used to say "Lasterday" for yesterday - and we all used that word in our family now. It makes sense.
    Enjoyed all your words.
    Smiles. Ruthie


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