Thursday, April 3, 2008

thursday thirteen

I try to keep my posts positive, but I am going to write about summer today.  See, I am the opposite of most people.  I lovingly look forward to winter.  I embrace the cold, snow and ice.  I love it!   But I dread the coming of summer.  I will try to include something positive, though.
1.  Summer means weeds.  weeds.  weeds.  We have open space on two sides of us and the wild grass and weeds and thistles are very set upon overtaking our yard.  On the bright side, I happen to think that Dandelions are beautiful little flowers!  I love them!

2. Summer is hot.  Anything above 75 is just too hot for me.  Sweat.  Sunburn.  Horrible thirst.  Hot.  Dizzy.  Woozy.  Hot.  But at least its a dry heat.

3.  Summer means people are going to be running around showing body parts I have no interest in seeing.  Really.  Yuck.  On the positive side -- I can wear flipflops!  People may not want to see my feet, either I guess.  But I love not having to wear socks and enclosed shoes!

4. Summer is full of bored kids fighting with each other.  I love my kids and I love being with them, but their time together really needs to be limited.  On the positive side - my son starts year -round school this summer and will have to go back in July.  That's not so positive, but the bright side is that they will each have some time home without each other.  That will be nice, I think.

5. Summer means we always have some ideas for something fun to do that we never do.  Usually because its too hot.

6.  Ok, a positive one.  I love the State Fair and that's in the summer.  But it's usually 104 during that time.  So it's... you know... hot.  But I go and I suffer and I have fun in spite of heat stroke.  This year the kids will be in school by then, though.

7.  Another positive -- I'm on a roll --  I love the birds.  We get a lovely assortment of birds here at this house.

8.  Summer means mowing the lawn.  It's nice to have a big yard, but not when its time to mow.

9.  Here's a good one.  I love green!  I love it when we've had enough moisture for lots of pretty green.  We don't get green here like some of you do, but its still pretty.

10.  I like the rain, when we get it.

11.  Colorado boasts 300 days of sun per year, or some such thing.  That's not a positive thing for me.  The sun is hot.

12.  I don't like hot nights.  But I do like sleeping with the windows open.  And we get a nice breeze at this house.  And I love rolling over and finding a patch of nice cool sheets.

13.  Bugs.  My family hates bugs and I am the one they have designated to be the bug police.  It gets very tiring.  "Mom!  A bug!!  Kill IT!!!!"  Over and over and over.  We have a lot of bugs here.  Because of all the weeds.  That grow so well because of all the hot sun.

The above statements are true to the best of my knowledge.  But I love experiencing four seasons.  I know if I put my mind to it, I could find more things I love about summer. 
By the way, it is snowing as I write this. :)


  1. You definitely need to visit Chicago. Winter seems to never end around here and we're all just DYING for summer to come back!! Great list :)

  2. I am so for the flip flops! It is eighty degrees right now and the positive here is everything is refrigerated! :) I will miss seasons ~ badly!

  3. Great list here! Happy TT! Hope you'll visit mine too...

  4. I want a screened-in sleeping porch.

  5. New blog ~
    Tell me what you think...

  6. After our Alabama record-breaking heat, drought-stricken summer of 2007, I have to say that I am not looking forward to it this year. I pray it won't be like last summer.

  7. Girl, welcome to my world.

    But one thing I LOVE about the summer...I don't have to work!

  8. wow, you don't like summer do ya? I remember you wouldn't even come outside hardly during July/August, and I would spend all day outside. I hate winter almost as much as you hate summer. I don't like summer here, but if I ever moved back to Co, I would never ever complain again-promise! I'm the bug killer here, but I always try to make the kids "look" at it first-fun. I used to be your bug killer too, hmmm. Who kills your spiders for you now?

  9. I'm not afraid of spiders. I used to be I guess. But one day I realized I'm a lot bigger than they are.

    That philosophy doesn't work for snakes, though.

  10. Kay,

    Unfortunately, even though I realize I'm bigger than a spider they still terrify me. Of course that would apply to snakes also...

  11. I am not actually a fan of summer myself, the heat is very hard for me...asthma wise. Fall is my favorite season with winter the 2nd fav.
    Great post, very well written.
    Happy TT, mine is up @ The Cafe, if you are interested.

  12. It's snowing here too. And um, don't ever move to the southeast. Hot in CO is nothing!

  13. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I thought I was the only one. I live in the Midwest and we've seen a seemingly endless winter this year, and I. LOVE. IT.

    I'm so sad to see warmer weather coming. Thank you - I don't feel so crazy now.

    P.S. - Site jumping from


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