Wednesday, April 9, 2008

my life in photos

Twas a Saturday - the day before Easter - around lunchtime that I slithered into the world.   From the picture I've seen, I looked suspiciously like an alien.
But I got pretty cute pretty quickly.  I have pictures of that, too.  Sorry, but I don't have any baby pictures in my computer.  I know... I know... Maybe sometime.

Here I am in my blissful youth.  Unfettered childhood.  Those were the days.

Then I had to go to school.  Life would never be the same.  
This hairdo, by the way, was reserved for school pictures and stints as a flower-girl.

I made it through school.  I went to a Christian school from 3rd grade through 12th.
Class of '84 ROCKS!

I even made it through college.  Six years of college.  It took six years because I had a difficult time deciding what I wanted to do.  This is actually my first senior picture.  I had a second one done two years later when I graduated.  I got a degree in nursing.  Had a minor in World Missions and took a lot of other cool classes along the way.  I love school!

A couple years after graduation I met my hubby.  Five months later we were married.

Then we had two precious kids.  Basically I've just lived a life.  42 years of life.  A lot of it has gone as expected.  A lot of it has not.  That's what keeps it interesting.  And it has been interesting.


  1. Love your pictures, Kay. Thanks for the look into your life.

    (I see your blonde hair left you early, too. I believe mine was gone in 4th grade. But, guess what? I have it back!)

  2. Happy Birthday! Great pictures - don't you love the 80's for hair....

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday dear KAY, Happy Birthday to you! 42 years ago God gave us all a gift! I am so looking forward to having a fun day with you tomorrow! New friends are so wonderful. Your pics are great!

  4. Happy Birthday Kay!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day today..full of fun and family and sugar..wish I was there!

  5. Great pictures! Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

    Have a wonderful 42nd year!

  6. Great pictures, Kay. You were beautiful when you were young and you grew up to be beautiful.

    Happy Birthday.

  7. Happy birthday!

    Accidentally Susan

  8. Well, I blogged about that day. First I said 9 ish in the morning but when I read yours, I thought, "oh, that was Julie." and went back and changed it. Happy Birthday!

  9. Oh! And have a joyous birthday!

  10. Happy birthday, Kay.
    God bless you !!

  11. Happy Birthday, did you get my card yet? It's sweet because doodle-bug helped me pick it out. I think it's a nice card. Are you doing something exciting today? Going to go eat yak BBQ? Sword fish ala mode? Something wonderful and different?

  12. Happy birthday! Sorry, I guess I'm a day late.

  13. Happy Birthday!!! You are beautiful!!!!


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