Friday, April 4, 2008


I need to go buy some new PJ's because I am going to a conference and the ones I wear at home just won't cut it.  I will have a roommate, you see.  And also, we are allowed to wear our jammies to movie night if we want to.

So, I'm going today to get some new ones.
Here is how it will most likely go.

I will go straight to the PJ section and look at every sings offering they have.  Then I will look again at the ones that caught my eye.  Then I will wander to the regular clothing section and think about how that tank top would probably work and those shorts look comfy enough.  Then I will head back to the PJs and look again until I find two or three choices that meet with my approval.  Then I will compare every single detail -- are there any itchy places?  What kind of tag do they have?  Is the fabric breathable?  Will they twist and bind?  Which are softest?  Which are cutest?  etc.

Maybe I will narrow it down to one set that I like.  So I will gather that set into my arms and then proceed to "be sure" I really want them.  This involves carrying them around with me throughout the rest of the store as I look at other things.  I'll look at the jammies from time to time.  I'll feel them.  I will look at the candles and kitchenwares.  I will look at the sales racks and the jewelry.  And then, if I still want them I will buy them.  This has required approximately two hours of my time.

I will go home and save them for the conference, but when I finally put them on, they will be the most uncomfortable things I've ever worn.

I don't particularly like shopping.  I wonder why...

The picture came from Here, if you'd like to go look at their cute jammies.


  1. Um, no doubt you go shopping alone, right, Kay?

  2. LOL ~ that so sounds like me..but with five children in tow, usually!

    I used to love clothes shopping but now it only reminds me of how big I am and how I cannot wear that size anymore..:)

  3. Do I have to get new jammies too? Hmm. I may have issues with that. I think I'd better concentrate on the outer wear for now. And I am not wearing my PJ's to movie night.

    Are you going to CCWC? Wanna ride together?

  4. Jan, I'm not going to CCWC. I'm going to Glen Eyrie. I don't know if you have to have jammies for CCWC or not. I hope so, if you plan on having a roommate!

  5. I just go buy the first thing that I think will work, and when I get home I put it into a drawer and forget to wear it, or I don't like it after I do wear it and pass it down. I buy clearance most times.

  6. Kay, I share your problem except for one minor detail - I will do all that you did and decide not to buy anything. Drives my husband crazy...

  7. Kay! don't you sew??? shouldn't we sew matching pj's?? :) :) :)

  8. Kay, I posted my books in response to your post on Mel's new blog at my reading room blog because I don't know how to bold, etc... in a comment section.

    I later realized that it was your post and not Mel's.

  9. Nicole - Yes, yes I do.
    Julie - I know.
    Mel - You've had five babies for crying out loud and you're still gorgeous. Cut it out.
    Robin- I frequently do that, too.
    Susan - No, no I don't. And ummm, no, I don't think so. :)


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