Thursday, October 25, 2007

poll closed

The majority of us treat our books with polite, respectful care. Twice as many as those of us who take our books with us in the shower.

I am one of the latter. Ok, I don't really take them in the shower, but I can't be bothered to stop reading long enough to eat, and I'm not going to skip eating! So, stuff happens. And sometimes it is just more comfortable for me to read it with the front cover rolled back (this drives my nine-year-old son crazy). I can sometimes find a scrap to use as a bookmark, (don't know what happened to all those I buy) but when I can't I won't hesitate to dog-ear.

Now this is for my own books. If you've lent me a book, relax. I treat other people's books better than my own.

There is a new poll up now! Please share your opinion.

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  1. When I'm done with a book, I could easily slide it back on the store shelf.

    Except for the few used books I've purchased, mine are pristine.


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