Monday, October 22, 2007

melt down

Yesterday morning I awoke to a sky aflurry and aflutter with snow. The flakes were not so much coming down as they were coming straight at us. The north side of my house and the north facing stoplights, were covered with snow. The stoplights made for some interesting driving.
We had perhaps four or five inches. It's hard to tell when it is drifted so much. The kids had a grand time in it yesterday and are out there as I type in fact. The dog didn't so much like the windy, cloudy coldness of yesterday, but had a grand time in the snow today in the sunshine. I had numb toes and nose, but she rolled around in it like it was the best thing ever.
I do love me some snow. I love me lots of snow. So I am happy, but I am happiest inside looking outside at it.
(PS that is a stock photo, not mine)


  1. I missed snow so much when we lived in Florida. I agree...LOTS of snow is the best! It is so fun to watch the kids play and sip on a hot something inside. I do like sledding though. Making a snowman. Making a snow angel. 34..still making snow angels. :)

  2. Mel, I made a snow angel last year. You missed all those blizzards. I was probably the only person around who was disappointed when those ended!

  3. Kay, yes I do believe you were the only one. I'm only just now ready for the snow. :)


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