Thursday, October 11, 2007

about the last post

You know, I do enjoy happy endings. And sometimes I want to read something just for fun or to relax. So I am in no way criticizing those kind of books. It's just that I would like to see more variety. And I would like to see a stark contrast between Christian fiction and secular fiction. I can relax with books from either market; I want something more from my Christian fiction.

I thought I was really weird and, well, I was right. But I can't help being weird, I guess. My husband and I did these personality tests -- you can see it on the right side of my blog. In fact it's free and it's fun, so you should go do it. There are a lot of links then that tell you all about your personality, or temperament type. Mine happened to mention that my type enjoys being sad. I knew that about myself, but I kept it secret because, well, it's weird. But apparently it's sort of ingrained, so I'm not gonna be ashamed anymore! LOL It is also a part of my temperament to love rain. And I do.

So while Camelot is one of my favorite stories because it is just so darn tragic, I guess maybe I am in the minority with that. Which means that probably I won't find a lot of books that don't have formulaic happy endings. And I guess really that is my biggest complaint is that so many books are just so predictable. And I like unpredictable. If it had a happy ending, but I didn't see it coming, I would like that, too!

So, enough about me. I really would like to hear what you specifically want out of a book. Whatever market you prefer. What genres do you like best and what do you want to gain or experience when you read a novel?


  1. I want different things at different times from books. But from fiction, I like the Christian fictions because you don't have to deal with trashy language and all that. But I like for it to be an escape from reality because I get enough reality in my life. I want to go to another place or another time and feel like I'm living someone else's life. I love when the man and woman that I hoped would get together, do finally get together. See...I'm weird too!

  2. I'm an INTP which would explain why we have the same ideas about books. :)

  3. Great question, Kay.

    I want to slip into someone else's skin and have a new experience. I want to travel to another town, city, country or world to see what it's like there. I want to wonder where the story's going and be delighted when I arrive at the end.

    A prisoner of hope,

  4. I want depth of character, to go with them in their struggles and pursuits. I want true Christianity, not fluff.

    I can't do fluff, even when it's well written and/or funny.

    (Kay, could you please e-mail me? I think blogger gives my e-mail address.)

  5. Nicole, I can't click onto your profile for some reason.
    You can email me at keep 1 hope at msn dot com.

  6. michelle, I feel like an INTP sometimes. I certainly am not one of those feelers who never thinks. In fact I am often accused of over-thinking!

    Megan, I love that aspect of reading in general. I love to try books from genres that I don't usually read and from different cultures.


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