Tuesday, October 23, 2007

creativity challenge

Create a poem using Emily Dickinson's, "Bring me the sunset in a cup" as a starting point. From Creative Writing Prompts.
Please play along!

Bring me the sunset in a cup
That's a good place to start
Then the galaxy on a platter
The wind in a velvet bag

I'd like a hailstorm in a jar
A whirlwind
The moon
A planet

Bring a kiss in a china bowl
That will loosen my heart
Then an apology on a tray
The love in an open hand


  1. Prompt 104
    Best things in life. Five children, healthy and happy. Husband, sweet notes on my pillow. Home, shutting out the hot sun, rain, wind, and snow. Dinnertime, everyone talking at once, sharing stories from school and work, jokes, laughter. Communication, relationships, tender moments. Children playing outdoors, tracking all sorts of things inside. "Close the door!", "Put away your toys!", "Hang up your jackets, or put away your shoes!". Playing tag inside, five voices in unison. Shrieks, laughter, happy voices, red cheeks. Bedtime. Books, Bible stories, P.J.'s, bath time, songs from Daddy as he plays the guitar. Sweet worship through the house. Quiet, a cup of coffee. Snuggling. Life.

  2. Bring me the sunset in a cup.
    A fine end to a fine day
    Would be steaming Earl Grey.

  3. Prompt 100

    I used to think…

    …schooling would NEVER end, but it did and now I miss it. Fortunately, I got a second chance now that I'm homeschooling my children.

    …marriage would be simple, but I learned that a good marriage takes lots of work.

    …parenting would be a breeze, but now I know that parenting has challenges even when you try to do the right thing.

    …dirty diapers stink – and I was right they do. haha

    …my house would always be clean and then my son turned, two, then three, and four.

    …I was too busy to read for pleasure, but then I realized I had to make time for what I enjoy.

    …I didn’t have enough time to exercise, but now I know I don’t have time not to exercise.

    …I was worthless and inadequate until I accepted God’s view of me.

    …tears showed weakness, and now I know they show humanity.

    …I had to win everyone’s approval, now I realize that I only need to please God.

  4. I went to the website you mentioned and clicked on # 100 and decided whatever it was I was going to do and now I go back and re-read what you said and realized I didn't do what you asked - oops...

  5. Robin, don't worry about it. It is fun to read these others, too.
    That's a cool site, I think. Lots to think about.

  6. fine then.

    Bring me the sunset in a cup
    Pour it like incense over my head
    Thaw me
    from the outside in

    Be careful of the heart
    warm it slowly
    in the cup of your hands
    as the fire yawns to embers

    As the night falls
    thick and cool
    wrap me in your regard
    shield me

    from the gathering ice
    hold the sunset in place
    liquid gold freedom

    fleeting and frail


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