Saturday, October 27, 2007

creative prize

Ok, I've figured out how I'm going to do this. Since I can't possibly judge these things because I love every entry, I am going to draw a name and the winner will receive a new book! What book? I don't know yet. Probably something newly released to be sure you haven't read it. Also, there is at least one male that I know of who reads this. If he should enter and win, he might like a different type book than some of you ladies would, ya know?

But...I am not going to draw the name until Tuesday so that anyone who wants to participate has a chance.
Editted to add: Feel free to use any of the prompts on the site I gave.


  1. Hey, I'm the dude you referred to in this post. Pick me!! :)

  2. you have to take the creativity challenge. You have to write a poem or something.

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