Monday, October 29, 2007

what's your excuse?

I'm wondering how long I can get away with, "I just moved here. I'm still settling in."

My friend has a great one. When late for an appointment, etc, everyone is always forgiving when she says, "I'm sorry. I tried. But I have five kids." Say no more. We understand. Lady, we're just glad you took a shower! How can we expect you to function with five kids?

And people are more than accommodating to my "just moved" excuse, too. For now...

Or another one. "I'm not really a dingbat; I think my hormones are changing."

"I'm sorry I'm so grouchy, it's hormones."

"Let's talk about it next week. I'm hormonal."

I'm always preaching that people need to be responsible for their actions and not blame others. So I don't blame others, but I still have plenty of excuses.

What if I just said, "I am so sorry that I missed my appointment. Please forgive me." And not even mention that I missed it because I couldn't find the keys in the freezer where I put them while I was putting away groceries. But I didn't remember of course. Because I am a dingbat. But I have an excuse for being a dingbat. Really.


  1. Cute :) I like your way of thinking...

  2. My excuse used to be "I have twins". Which really was a valid reason for being late, forgetting things, and having a wreck of a house.

  3. cute...question~ I noticed you were reading Brennan Mannings ~ Ragamuffin Gospel..What do you think of it?

  4. Yes, stretching out the "I'm new" is one I can relate to.

  5. Hi Kay,
    I find it easier to slap my forehead and say oops,I forgot!!!Unfortunately I have an elephants memory!!!
    Yes,I' m Indian.I moved here about 5 years ago after meeting my husband on the internet!


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