Tuesday, June 2, 2009

living like Jesus

When I was at Liberty University my New Testament professor was Dr. Ed Dobson. I loved his class. Loved when he would preach in chapel. He was a Dean and a favorite amongst my friends.
After he left LU, he pastored a huge church in Michigan.
In 2001 he was diagnosed with ALS. He continued to pastor, but eventually retired.
He decided to spend a year living just like Jesus. And then he wrote a book about it, soon to be released by Zondervan.
You can read an article in USA Today and watch an interview on ABC.
I know that I could not do it. But I'd like to try. Not the beard, or eating Kosher, but I'd like to be more aware of obeying His teaching. I'd like to really love my neighbor and forgive and bless and give.
I'd like to live like Jesus. I'm interested to read his book and see just what that looks like.


  1. Kay, wow. My mom died of an ALS-like disease when I was 18. It was a very sad death.

    This man looks like a sincere, and wonderful person, whom you were blessed to know.

    I'm anxious to see how the book is responded to.

  2. What a priveledge it must be to have had him as a professor! His book should be interesting and challenging.


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