Friday, June 26, 2009

good news

I have the BBC set up as my home page. And I tell ya, some days it's almost more than I can take. This world is a mess.
Today's news: a fifteen year old boy brutally beat to death a two year old girl who was in his care for 90 minutes.
Women are burned alive in Kenya, accused of witchcraft.
Always there are headlines about the struggles in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, North Korea, various African nations. It can be overwhelming.

So, today I found this news site. It's all good news stories. A homeless girl got into Harvard. A Colorado family found a millionaire's wallet and returned it. This site isn't free. I think it's $2 per month.

This one is free. A nine year old Utah boy got lost in the wilderness. He used knowledge gained from the TV show Man vs. Wild to survive the nineteen hours and to help searchers find him.

A couple more good news sites here and here.

You know they say that it takes ten positive comments to balance a criticism. I think the same is true for this stuff. The good news isn't as good as the bad news is bad. But if we read several of these stories, or at least the headlines, maybe it will help us keep some perspective.

And the best news of all. God is on the throne. He is good and loving and He is in control. He has a plan and it's a good one.


  1. Give me the links, girl! I want to read this good news!

  2. the links are in the post. Some of the words should be a different color, if you click on them, they're hyperlinked and will take you right there.

  3. Good job, Kay! Thanks for finding this sites for us!

  4. ...or "these" sites. "Me fail English? That's unpossible!" ;)

  5. Good news is always good news! Thanks.

  6. I am at least somewhat a believer in hiding one's head in the sand. It makes life easier and more pleasant and not so disturbing.


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