Sunday, June 21, 2009

daddy memories

Dad teaching me how to cast a fishing line in the front yard.
Dad buying me pipe cleaners to play with when I was sick.
Dad driving us over treacherous mountain roads.
Dad singing "My Boyfriends Back" as he scrambled eggs.
Dad laughing.
Dad taking me with him on his trips to the dump.
Dad buying us ice cream cones.
Dad teaching me to shoot, letting me shoot his Magnum which was quite a kick.
Dad coming home in the mornings, tired from a long night at work.
Dad taking me for a ride on the back of his motorcycle.
Dad rescuing me from many a high place that I couldn't get down from.
Dad taking me fishing, teaching me to skip stones, (I never got it) and teaching me to walk loudly to scare away snakes.
Dad giving me fatherly advice.
Dad teasing.
Dad telling me that boys could not be trusted.
Dad teaching me to drive in a stick shift.
Dad rocking me when I was little.
Dad kicking the smoking habit.

Thank you dad, for all you've taught me, all you've given me.
I love you.


  1. That's a lovely tribute to your dad. The sun glass photo with all the hair makes him look cool!

  2. Sweet! Oh yeah, the Howard Stern Halloween get-up. He's a good Daddy. Loves his "little" girls.

  3. You got the walking part down didn't cha? He taught me how to bray like a donkey and to speak in my belches...thats right I belch. Burp is to mild a word for it, huh Kay. I love your Daddy too :)


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