Friday, June 19, 2009

Glen Eyrie Writer's Summit

I just returned from Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs where I joined fifty or so other writers. We were there to learn from great mentors: Angie Hunt, Nancy Rue, Al Gansky, and Kathy Mackel.
We learned how to write. Or at least how to go on from where we are. How to write better.

But it was about so much more than writing.

People from across the country and beyond joined together to laugh, sing, cry, and laugh some more.
People shared their deepest pain, their fears, frustrations, joys, dreams, and doubts.
People listened. People prayed. Love was there. Love for a shared passion, love for our Father, love for one another.

Wells were filled. Spirits were encouraged.

God was there. I was blessed.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful retreat. I hope we get to hear about some of the wisdom you gleaned!

  2. Dittos Lifeline. I look forward to reading more blogs about this conference. Susan


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