Saturday, July 7, 2007

yesterday -- in which it all balances out

We drove over to the neighborhood lake -- where there is free fishing, without a license even. It was so pretty. We walked the trail around the lake -- only .6 mile, but it seemed further in flip-flops. How nice to have such a place so nearby.

Then in the evening I stepped out onto my deck to enjoy the sunset. I was taking in the view, appreciating the fact that the smog had settled and the entire mountain range was before me. Also speculating that downtown Denver must be hidden by the ridge across the way. When I heard a noise. Sort of a crashy sound. Then there was the buck that had been in our yard the other morning. After our mutual heart attacks, we stood eyeballing each other for a minute. Then he cautiously continued into our yard to graze. My son joined me on the deck and we both thought it exceedingly neat to be sharing the yard with the young feller.

That experience more than made up for the creepy crawlies who have also graced us with their presence.

Honestly, I have always been in awe of creation, but have been really considering the intricacies of it lately and am even more amazed.

Ah, I always did want to live in the country.


  1. Wow. Do you guys have some critters up there. Deer sound nice, but those wolf spiders are spooky.

    Oh and...You've been tagged to write 7 Random Things about yourself at

  2. I like how you titled this entry. It is so Dickensian.

  3. ha, anonymous. I was thinking more Winnie the Pooh

  4. Oh, my husband would be out there with his gun so fast....


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